Green Barbie | ZapRoot 045

Mattel greenwashes Barbie, Lifesaver puts the ultimate, virus, and water filtration system in the palm of your hand, and Yert brings to you the Bush Administration’s new Fat to Fuel program.

Community Site – Solio Solar Charger

Barbie 1
Barbie 2
Barbie 3
Lifesaver Bottle
Yert: Revolutionary New Energy Source

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One Response to “Green Barbie | ZapRoot 045”

  1. james Says:

    did that… is that woman… was that a real interview? was that woman ACTUALLY behind fattening america to run more cars off of fat americans? the idea that we will constantly be trying to get obese so that we can use our cars to drive our fat asses to go get more obese is so… my lanta. there are no… words…

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