KFC’s UnChicken | ZapRoot 052

KFC Canada tries to do chickens right with their new animal welfare plan. China’s air control results. Check out new Alternative Autos: Chevy Volt, Shelby Supercars, Prius, and more.


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Peta & KFC
KFC Logo 1
KFC Logo 2
KFC Logo 3
Treehugger China’s Air
Environmental Expert China’s Air
Wall Street Journal Widget
Chevy Volt McCain
Chevy Volt McCain 2
Chevy Volt ABC
SF Wireless Network Empty Parking Spot Locator
Shelby Supercars
Google Waling Directions
Prius Convertible
Prius Spy Pics-Jalopnik
iPhone App to Save Gas
Zurich Autos Bird Poop Study

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2 Responses to “KFC’s UnChicken | ZapRoot 052”

  1. monkey3 Says:

    I am enjoying the podcasts so far, but i have to say that the constant pandering to Microsoft, (ala the “mojave” ads) makes this all less easy to stomach. I didn’t think that Microsoft was an especially green company, and those damn smug ads make my skin crawl.

  2. Tom Says:

    well, this is rather interesting and educational in terms of living green but I would like to mention that I haven’t seen anything related to the amphibian ark. Perhaps an update on the bee colony collapse? It’s suspected that nicotine based pesticides is what’s affecting the bee’s and not (Gm foods and cellphones). It would seem that their memories are affected by the pesticides which would explain why some never make it back to their colonies after pollination. There is currently allot of movement within Germany, to discover the cause of these colony collapses.

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