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Natalie Portman releases her vegan shoe line. The UN grants China access to import African Ivory. We interview documentary film director Randy Olson on his new movie Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy.


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Peta Sexiest Vegetarian
Natalie Portman Té Casan Vegan Shoes
Natalie Portman Vegan Shoes - Feel Good Style
Earth Shoes
Green Shoes in the UK
Planet Shoes
Patagonia Shoes
Simple Shoes
White Apricot
Terra Plana
Moo Shoes
Terra Soles
END Footwear
China Wins UN Approval for African Ivory - EcoWorldly
Trio Arrested for Ivory Possession - M&C
UN to Decide on China’s Request – International Herald Tribune

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    Who says that one can’t achieve speed of light.Just look at the words emitting at the speed 100 times faster than light from jessica williamson’s mouth…

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