X Games Go Green | ZapRoot 071

Winter X Games go green with the Trashed Recycling Store. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will soon come into effect. Find out what it means for new and old products. Check out new Alternative Autos.




Winter X Games Trashed Store

The Trashed Store

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

Crafting a Green World - Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

TheDailyGreen - China Toy Recall

EcoChildsPlay - Handmade Toys

Handmade Toy Alliance

Edmund’s AirPod Ride

Tango Electric Car

Tango vs. Tesla

Tango Snow Plow

No Solar for Prius

Hodge Hawk

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3 Responses to “X Games Go Green | ZapRoot 071”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Just wanted to say that I love the show and really like to use it for my high school environmental science class. However the language that is used in some of the shows makes it so that I can’t use them in public school. The kids really love the show but I can’t show it if there is inappropriate language….afterall, I do love my job and don’t want to be fired :)

    So I am asking that you please refrain from using any inappropriate language so that I can still get all your awesome stories out to my students.

  2. Consumer Product Safety Information Act Update: Eco Child’s Play Makes ZapRoot : Eco Child’s Play Says:

    [...] are honored to be featured on ZapRoot for discussing the Consumer Product Saftey Information Act (CPSIA); however, we have new [...]

  3. james Says:

    get an audio editing program and bleep them out. the tone of this show makes it accessible and entertaining to its target audience without going over the top with language. that being said it doesn’t pull punches on the facts, so why should it candy up the humour or language?

    PS, this show is great! really fantastic jess! and to the whole team.

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