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Hydrophobic sand can help turn deserts green.  The FDA released guidelines and rules for genetically engineered and cloned food.  The Discerning Brute polices unsuspecting people wearing fur.





Hydrophobic Sand
Eco Childs Play - GE Animals
FDA GE Animals
FDA Cloned Animals
Ecorazzi - Discerning Brute
Discerning Brute Website

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One Response to “Waterproof Sand | ZapRoot 079”

  1. wildfire Says:

    I think those are just FDA formalities. Genetically manipulated (GM) foods, including crops, have been making into the US market for some years now, without needing to be labeled, (btw, the video has labeled spelled wrong).

    I’ve heard that in countries of Europe, GM foods have to be marked. But there’s no way for me to confirm this in person.

    Some claim that GM foods have resulted in the growth of terminal illnesses, neural disorders, and whatnot, but as long as it gets brushed aside as “conspiracy theory” it will be ignored. Perhaps we should stick to blaming the pesticides, and other random waste, chemicals and antibiotics that make it into our body through foods and water.

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