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Green iPhone Apps | ZapRoot 086

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Save money on your iPhone with these Green iPhone Apps.  A single mannequin stun protesting for Climate Justice shuts down a Bank of America branch.  Trade in your current mode of transportation with the newest Alternative Autos.






iGas Website
GasBag Website
greenMeter on Cleantechnica
WiFi Finder
A Real Tree
GoodGuide Website
3rd Whale
3rd Whale Website
Coupon Sherpa
Mobile Craigslist
Mobile Craigslist Website
Planetsave - Mannequins for Justice
Flashmob UK Train Station
Improv Everywhere
The Daily Green - Save Gas
The Daily Green - Gas Saving Tips
Gas 2.0 - The Killacycle
Gas 2.0 - 100 yr. Old Electric Cars
Gas 2.0 - The EcoF3
Edmunds - Chevy Volt Test Drive
Gas 2.0 - Hummer Greener than a Prius

God + Global Warming | ZapRoot 017

Thursday, June 26th, 2008 is planning to develop a Plug-In Hybrid, the major faiths get together to ask God to lend a hand with climate change, and the Holiday Gift Guide Part 4.

Solar Powered Christmas Decorations
Organic Beer Sampler
Motorized iShoes
Organic Chocolate

Rights for Chickens | ZapRoot 068

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Chickens need love, too. And, these days, they are getting lots of attention. Meet the rock that rocks. It can capture CO2 emissions from the air.


Community Site

EatDrinkBetter - Prop 2
Eglu Chicken Coop
Planet Save - Half Chicken Genetic Diversity
EatDrinkBetter - Tyson Chicken & Antibiotics
Cleantechnica - Middle East Rocks

That Sinking Feeling | ZapRoot 065

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

The Maldives plan to buy a new homeland if global warming sinks their country. Honda unveils the FC Sport at the LA Auto Show. Go green for the holidays with our Holiday Gift Guide Part 1.


Community Site

RedGreenAndBlue - Maldives
Gas 2.0 - Honda FC Sport
FC Sport in LA
Dynomighty Wallet Nerd
Dynomighty Wallet Super Nerd
Dynomighty Wallet Ultimate Nerd
Sonic Fabric Messenger Bag
Bike Gear Clock 1
Bike Gear Clock 2
Voltaic Solar backpack
Common Circle Expeditions
Worldchanging Guide
Eco-Me Home Starter Kit
LED Christmas Lights
Mrs. Meyer’s Pet Shampoo

5 Green Obama Dreams! | ZapRoot 061

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

“Yes, we can change.”  Obama wins the presidential election and here are our top 5 green dreams for 2009.  Zero Pollutions Motors create the car of the future, and it runs on air.  And, check out the latest in Green Gadgets.


Community Site

Share your Obama Green Dreams
Zero Pollution Motors
TheDailyGreen - Air Car
Gas 2.0 - Compressed Air Hybrid
Ecototality - Auto XPrize
Zero Pollution Motors at NY Auto Show
Triple Outlet
Cleantechnica - Energy Maps
Cleantechnica - Helix Turbine
Heineken Brick
Ecoscraps - The Wash Up
Cleantechnica - Husqvarna Solar Mower

Sarah Palin & Plastic Trees | ZapRoot 056

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Arizona tests artificial CO2 filtering trees. Sarah Palin loves oil. We help you find ways to get rid of your junk mail.


Community Site – Solio Solar Charger

Plastic Trees
Desmog Blog – Palin Denies Climate Change
Red Green and Blue – Why Palin is a Bad Choice for the Environment
The Daily Green – Palin Short on Green Cred
The Daily Green – Environmental Group Criticize McCain’s Choice
Palin’s Grizzly Bear Decor
Palin’s Hunting Trophy
Palin Test out Engagement Skills
Sustainablog – A by the Numbers Look at Paper Recycling
Sustainablog - Catalog Waste
Sustainablog - Cancel Unwanted Catalogs
Treehugger – Stop Junk Mail

Junk Mail
Free - proquo
Free - dmachoice
Paid - greendimes

Paid - 41poinds

Free - catalogchoice
Credit Card Offers
Free - optoutprescreen

Paid - zinio

Wind Powered Monster | ZapRoot 051

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

The Strandbeest behemoth is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Ice in both poles is melting. Totally Useless Crap is back!


Community Site – Solio Solar Charger

Theo Jansen
Todd Carmichael’s DeSmogBlog – Expedition Earth
Ice Shelf 1
Ice Shelf 2
Egg McMuffin Machine
Microwavable S’mores Maker
Neosporin Tote
Biodegradable Gnome Balloons

Natalie Portman’s Foot Fetish | ZapRoot 049

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Natalie Portman releases her vegan shoe line. The UN grants China access to import African Ivory. We interview documentary film director Randy Olson on his new movie Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy.


Community Site – Solio Solar Charger

Peta Sexiest Vegetarian
Natalie Portman Té Casan Vegan Shoes
Natalie Portman Vegan Shoes - Feel Good Style
Earth Shoes
Green Shoes in the UK
Planet Shoes
Patagonia Shoes
Simple Shoes
White Apricot
Terra Plana
Moo Shoes
Terra Soles
END Footwear
China Wins UN Approval for African Ivory - EcoWorldly
Trio Arrested for Ivory Possession - M&C
UN to Decide on China’s Request – International Herald Tribune

Exxon Em and Lo Alternative Fuels | ZapRoot 004

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

In this episode Jess focuses on Exxon denying it denied Global Warming, Em and Lo survey the dating scene, and alternative fuel cars rev their engines.