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Green iPhone Apps | ZapRoot 086

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Save money on your iPhone with these Green iPhone Apps.  A single mannequin stun protesting for Climate Justice shuts down a Bank of America branch.  Trade in your current mode of transportation with the newest Alternative Autos.






iGas Website
GasBag Website
greenMeter on Cleantechnica
WiFi Finder
A Real Tree
GoodGuide Website
3rd Whale
3rd Whale Website
Coupon Sherpa
Mobile Craigslist
Mobile Craigslist Website
Planetsave - Mannequins for Justice
Flashmob UK Train Station
Improv Everywhere
The Daily Green - Save Gas
The Daily Green - Gas Saving Tips
Gas 2.0 - The Killacycle
Gas 2.0 - 100 yr. Old Electric Cars
Gas 2.0 - The EcoF3
Edmunds - Chevy Volt Test Drive
Gas 2.0 - Hummer Greener than a Prius

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Goes Green | ZapRoot 085

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine–filmmaking goes green with the green initiative.  McDonald’s fries will soon be pesticide free.  Check out our Best Tweeters of the Week.  Green your ride with the latest in Alternative Autos.

Webby Awards - Vote for Us!






Ecorazzi - X-Men Origins: Wolverine Goes Green
Sustainability in the Motion Picture Industry
McDonald’s Aims for a Low-Pesticide Potato for Its French Fries
McDonald’s Fries to Go Pesticide-Free?
Edmunds - Honda Insight vs. Toyota Prius
Gas 2.0 - 24 Hours of Electricross
Gas 2.0 - Think Coming to Portland?
Gas 2.0 - Tesla Model S Revealed
Gas 2.0 - Electric Cars at Costco

Jesus is Coming… Look Green! | ZapRoot 082

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Make this Easter a Green one.  700 new chemicals are untested for toxicity.  Check out the new batch of Alternative Autos.





UN Conference

Sustainablog - Easter and Faith
Mormon Green
EcoChildsPlay - The Incredible Edible Egg Dye
Natural Egg Dye 1
Natural Egg Dye 2
Natural Egg Dye 3
Fair Trade Easter Baskets
Make Your Own Basket
Plastic Bag Grass
Recycled Paper Cards
EcoChildsPlay - Eco Stationary
Stubby Studio Natural Art Supplies
The Daily Green - Easter Recipes
Organic Fair Trade Easter Chocolate Bunnies 1
Organic Fair Trade Easter Chocolate Bunnies 2
Crafting a Green World - Handmade Toys
Bunny Shaped Food
EcoChildsPlay – Untested New Chemicals
Cosmetics Database
Edmunds - Aptera 2e Test Drive
Open Sources Cars 1
Open Sources Cars 2
Open Sources Cars 3
Goblin Velomobile 1
Goblin Velomobile 2
Gas 2.0 - Rinspeed iChange Car

Green Oscars | ZapRoot 075

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

The Oscars are just around the corner.  Check out the green nominations for 2009.  New Alt-Autos: Honda Insight, Top 10 Efficient Cars for 2009, Mission One, and more.




Wall•E Oscar Page

Wall•E Official Page

Amazon - Wall•E

Netflix - Wall•E


Sustainablog - Wall•E


Trouble The Water Oscar Page

Trouble The Water Website

Amazon - Trouble The Water

Netflix - Trouble The Water


The Garden Oscar Page 

The Garden Official Page

Netflix - The Garden

South Central Farm


Encounters at the End of the World Oscar Page 

Encounters at the End of the World

Amazon - Encounters at the End of the World

Netflix - Encounters at the End of the World


Edmunds - 2010 Insight Drive

Green Car Advisor - 2010 Insight Review

The Daily Green - Efficient Cars of 2009

Gas 2.0 - Mission One

Green Car Advisor - IR Paint

Gas 2.0 - Woman Bites Bus Driver

X Games Go Green | ZapRoot 071

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Winter X Games go green with the Trashed Recycling Store. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will soon come into effect. Find out what it means for new and old products. Check out new Alternative Autos.




Winter X Games Trashed Store

The Trashed Store

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

Crafting a Green World - Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

TheDailyGreen - China Toy Recall

EcoChildsPlay - Handmade Toys

Handmade Toy Alliance

Edmund’s AirPod Ride

Tango Electric Car

Tango vs. Tesla

Tango Snow Plow

No Solar for Prius

Hodge Hawk

That Sinking Feeling | ZapRoot 065

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

The Maldives plan to buy a new homeland if global warming sinks their country. Honda unveils the FC Sport at the LA Auto Show. Go green for the holidays with our Holiday Gift Guide Part 1.


Community Site

RedGreenAndBlue - Maldives
Gas 2.0 - Honda FC Sport
FC Sport in LA
Dynomighty Wallet Nerd
Dynomighty Wallet Super Nerd
Dynomighty Wallet Ultimate Nerd
Sonic Fabric Messenger Bag
Bike Gear Clock 1
Bike Gear Clock 2
Voltaic Solar backpack
Common Circle Expeditions
Worldchanging Guide
Eco-Me Home Starter Kit
LED Christmas Lights
Mrs. Meyer’s Pet Shampoo

Vampires Suck | ZapRoot 063

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Beware, take care. Vampire energy is out there, and we’ll show you how to protect yourself from all the suckage. We’re also unveiling the new in Alternative Autos.


BUY - Remote Wall Outlet by Eforcity

Sustainablog - Vampire Energy
Cleantechnica - Power Strips
Standby Power
Gas 2.0 - Peapod
Chrysler Peapod
Gas 2.0 - Toyota Pic Leaked
Gas 2.0 - Honda Insight is a Prius?
Travolution 1
Travolution 2
Volage 1
Volage 2
2 Wheels in China

5 Green Obama Dreams! | ZapRoot 061

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

“Yes, we can change.”  Obama wins the presidential election and here are our top 5 green dreams for 2009.  Zero Pollutions Motors create the car of the future, and it runs on air.  And, check out the latest in Green Gadgets.


Community Site

Share your Obama Green Dreams
Zero Pollution Motors
TheDailyGreen - Air Car
Gas 2.0 - Compressed Air Hybrid
Ecototality - Auto XPrize
Zero Pollution Motors at NY Auto Show
Triple Outlet
Cleantechnica - Energy Maps
Cleantechnica - Helix Turbine
Heineken Brick
Ecoscraps - The Wash Up
Cleantechnica - Husqvarna Solar Mower

Blind Hit with Hybrid | ZapRoot 035

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Blind people have introduced a bill that will require hybrids to make a noise while in electric mode, Patagonia embraces transparency in manufacturing, and we look at some Damn Good Designs, ZapRoot, helping you go green.

ViroPOP Community Site
Grist Spring Cleaning

Patagonia’s Footprint Chronicles
Lifecycle Towel
Readymade Digital
Plasma Light Bulb
Power Cube
Recycle This
Sustainable Spaces

Electric Cars & Lies - WIRED Magazine | ZapRoot 034

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

WIRED Magazine takes the spark out of the Zap Corporation and the EPA bans the toxic pesticide Carbofuran.

ViroPOP Community Site

WIRED Magazine: Hype Machines
Pesticide Ban