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Sarah Palin & Plastic Trees | ZapRoot 056

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Arizona tests artificial CO2 filtering trees. Sarah Palin loves oil. We help you find ways to get rid of your junk mail.


Community Site – Solio Solar Charger

Plastic Trees
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Palin’s Grizzly Bear Decor
Palin’s Hunting Trophy
Palin Test out Engagement Skills
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Treehugger – Stop Junk Mail

Junk Mail
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World’s Best Bike Thief | ZapRoot 054

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

The most notorious bicycle thief is caught in Canada.  Find out how Green is Joe Biden?  Check out a new batch of Alternative Autos.


Community Site – Solio Solar Charger

Worlds Greatest Bike Thief
Bike Thief 1
Bike Thief 2
Bike Thief 3
RedGreenAnd Blue - Is Joe Biden Green?
League of Conservation Voters
Gas 2.0 - Force Feedback Pedal 1
Force Feedback Pedal 2
Hinterland 1
Trident Iceni