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Jesus is Coming… Look Green! | ZapRoot 082

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Make this Easter a Green one.  700 new chemicals are untested for toxicity.  Check out the new batch of Alternative Autos.





UN Conference

Sustainablog - Easter and Faith
Mormon Green
EcoChildsPlay - The Incredible Edible Egg Dye
Natural Egg Dye 1
Natural Egg Dye 2
Natural Egg Dye 3
Fair Trade Easter Baskets
Make Your Own Basket
Plastic Bag Grass
Recycled Paper Cards
EcoChildsPlay - Eco Stationary
Stubby Studio Natural Art Supplies
The Daily Green - Easter Recipes
Organic Fair Trade Easter Chocolate Bunnies 1
Organic Fair Trade Easter Chocolate Bunnies 2
Crafting a Green World - Handmade Toys
Bunny Shaped Food
EcoChildsPlay – Untested New Chemicals
Cosmetics Database
Edmunds - Aptera 2e Test Drive
Open Sources Cars 1
Open Sources Cars 2
Open Sources Cars 3
Goblin Velomobile 1
Goblin Velomobile 2
Gas 2.0 - Rinspeed iChange Car

Roadkill… the Other White Meat | ZapRoot 076

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Roadkill.  You maybe responsible for it.  Get updated on the latest oil news.  Go, Green Gadgets, go.






Roadside Cemetery

RedGreenAndBlue - Scraps Bush Plan to Drill

PlanetSave - Shell Blocked from Drilling

RedGreenAndBlue -Exxon Gently Massaged with Fine


Wind Up Media Player

Sony Ericson Green Heart Phone

Kenisis K2 Solar and Wind

Mud Light

Homo sapien Tool (Homo habilis Tool) 1

Homo sapien Tool (Homo habilis Tool) 2

How Dirty is Clean Coal? | ZapRoot 070

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Don’t believe the hype. Get the dirt on why Clean Coal is a misnomer. Also, Terje Isungset takes ice to a whole new level with ice music. And, check out the new selection of green gadgets. You can find them all at our new online store. ZapRoot, helping you go green.





The Daily Green - Fly Ash Spill

RedGreenAndBlue - Fly Ash Spill

The Daily Green - Clean Coal

Fly Ash Spill from the NY Times

Union of Concerned Scientists - Clean Coal

EPA - Mercury Levels

GAO - Clean Coal

Clean Coal Documentary 1

Clean Coal Documentary 2

Ice Music

Ice Music Home

Ice Music Festival

Solar Powered AC

Spin-X spin dryer

Heat Keeper


Solar Scale


NComputer Article

Recycled Bottle Umbrella

Biodegradable Umbrella

Batman vs. Tuberculosis | ZapRoot 018

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Chicago turns it’s alleys green, Batman gets denied a swim, and Ctrl+Alt+Autos, including the Vectrix & Piaggio scooters.

Damien Somerset’s Vectrix Article

SUV Crash Fair Trade Sports Solara PET Bottles | ZapRoot 009

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

In this episode Jess focuses on the results of a recent SUV crash test, how Fair Trade Sports is making ethical balls, low income solar housing, and what to do with your old PET bottles.

Fair Trade Sports